1364 days since start of observations
167.37 hours of lunar observations
131.75 TB of lunar images
112 NEO lunar impact events
NELIOTA impact flashes

Location of the impact flashes detected so far by NELIOTA.

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NELIOTA: third scientific publication

The third scientific publication of the NELIOTA project was accepted in Astronomy & Astrophysics on November 25, 2019 and is titled “NELIOTA: Methods, statistics and results for meteoroids impacting the Moon". The paper describes the methodology and presents the results from the first 30 months of the NELIOTA project, reporting 79 detections of impacts of NEOs/meteoroids on the lunar surface. We estimate that sporadic meteoroids with typical masses less than 100 g and sizes less than 5 cm enter the mesosphere of the Earth with a rate ~108 meteoroids/hr and also impact Moon with a rate of ~8 meteoroids/hr.