1364 days since start of observations
167.37 hours of lunar observations
131.75 TB of lunar images
112 NEO lunar impact events
NELIOTA impact flashes

Location of the impact flashes detected so far by NELIOTA.

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Press Release: ESA's new lunar monitoring project in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens

NELIOTA is an activity initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA), which was recently launched at the National Observatory of Athens. The project aims to count and characterise the number and distribution of near-earth objects (NEOs). The NELIOTA project will use existing facilities at the National Observatory of Athens to establish an operational system that will monitor the Moon, looking for faint NEO impacts. The project involves upgrading the 1.2m Kryoneri telescope, located in the Northern Peloponnese, in Greece, as well as procuring two specialised fast-frame cameras. Specialised software will be developed to control the telescope and cameras, as well as process the resulting images to detect the impacts automatically. The NELIOTA system will then publish the data on the web so it can be made available to the scientific community and the general public. Read the whole press release here.